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BP Redcliffs Workshop
Standard Service

From $169 The standard oil service includes up to 5 litres of quality mineral oil or semi synthetic or synthetic oil (including Castrol15W-40, 10W-30, 5W-30) and an oil filter up to the retail value of $20 (Refer to the retail price from Repco).  The selection of oil will be based on the original vehicle manufacturer specifications and Castrol Oil recommendation. Surcharges may apply for additional oil, specialty oils and vehicles that require further labour to inspect. Any additional work to your vehicle will be contacted and receive your approval before additional work is carried out.

  • Replace engine oil & oil filter;

  • Check the below fluid levels as readily accessible. Top up as required:

- Brake fluid; - Engine coolant / antifreeze; - Power steering fluid; - Manual / automatic transmission fluid (if dipstick accessible) - Washer Bottle fluid;

  • Visual check for leaks in cooling system, engine & transmission;

  • Pressure test cooling system only if leak suspected.

  • Check engine compartment hoses for leaks, wear & security;

  •  Visual check fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank);

  •  Inspect air filter and blow out as reasonably accessible;

  • Visual check engine & transmission mounts;

  •  Inspect drive belt/s;

  • Determine the remaining life of the cambelt (if accessible & applicable, or at vehicle specific km milestone);

  • Check steering components for wear and corrosion;

  • Visual inspection CV boots;

  • Visual check suspension condition incl. mounting, leaks, wear and corrosion;

  • Inspection of exhaust system including mountings for security, leaks and noise;

  • Inspect all tyre pressures & check for wear;

  • Inspect brake pads, calipers & discs;

  • Inspect parking brake operation;

  • Check, test and adjust all lights, indicators, wiper/washers & horn;

  •  Check windscreen for damage;

  • Reset service light/interval where applicable;

BP Redcliffs Workshop
Premium Service


From 289 : The Premium Service will include all standard service above and also include below items:

  • Voltage test to check battery condition (charge & voltage), check connections and terminals for fixing;

  • Visual check spark plug condition and advise (based on direct access to plugs or at vehicle specific km milestone)

  • Visual inspection of chassis & under-body for damage or weakness;

  •  Inspect & lubricate (if needed) bonnet & door hinges & catches;

  • Visual inspection of brake linings/wheel cylinders/drums for wear or damage (wheels off inspection);

  • Inspect brake lines, hoses & connections;

  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise;

  •  Check spare wheel or space saver for pressure, wear and fixing (or wheel goo exp. date if applicable

  • Check and blow out cabin/pollen filter (if easily accessible)

  • Check brake pedal travel;

  • Check headlights for brightness and angles (& adjust if required);

  • Check seatbelt condition and operation;

  • Road test vehicle & report any other defects at the end of service

The Manufacturer Recommended Service

Most new vehicles require the service to be carried out by the requirement of the manufacturer for the purpose of the warranty.

We can access to most brand of the vehicle manufacturer's data base and able to carry out the service per their requirements. 

We will discuss and advise the cost at the time you make the booking with us.

The Pre-purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is a great way to gain some peace of mind when buying a new car, especially if sight unseen. Our qualified mechanic will: Road test the vehicle Checking the engine for any noise, fumes, smoke and other engine wear Checking the battery, alternator and starter motor are operating correctly Checking the exterior of the radiator, water pump and hoses for any deterioration or leaks A drive test to check the car’s handling, steering and brakes as well as any odd noises Checking the exterior for any corrosion Checking tyre tread depth and wheels for any damage Checking the steering and suspension for any damage, leaks or wear Check the brakes for life and any signs of damage Check for any upcoming or expired diagnostic codes Provide a comprehensive report which indicates: Any recommended or likely repairs Any potential WoF issues Report on any diagnostic codes


Whether it is a funny sound coming from the engine, a shake coming from the suspension or something else that you can't quite put your finger on, our qualified mechanic can figure it out. You will pay for the initial inspection, which may include a computer diagnostic scan if needed, then we will get back to you once we know what the problem is, with the required solution and cost to get your car back to full health. The mechanic will take up to 1 hour to diagnose the problem with the car & build a quote to fix the issue. You will always be contacted before the workshop proceeds with any work on the vehicle. If something breaks on the car whilst they are undertaking the diagnostic inspection not due to negligence by the mechanic, it will be your responsibility to pay for the fix if you wish to have it fixed.